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Trick or Treat!

31 Oct

We grow up constantly being told never accept candy from a stranger, yet here we are; devoting an entire day to solely accepting candy from strangers.


To this day, I can not recall what my costume entailed or how I wore my hair. I never did enjoy dressing up, I was neither creative nor fashionable. I vaguely remember a witch costume, one I continually recycled through the years; mainly because I knew no costume meant no candy.  It was a chilly afternoon. The days were getting shorter and the sun set shortly after school let out. Tree branches were nearly bare and the streets were lined with piles of dried out, damp leaves. RIP grave stones were placed on front lawns and pumpkins were placed on the front stoop. Witches, ghosts and goblins dangled from the porch light and creepy, bloody old scarecrows were positioned in such a way you were guaranteed a scare.

I was twelve and a small group of us managed to convince our parents to let us trick or treat on our own. We left school together, stopping at random homes along the way, collecting candy-eating more than we actually saved. What I remember most is how the streets were packed! Princesses’ and superheroes alike raced from lawn to lawn, their parents never too far behind. Eventually the kids would clear out and it became the older kids turn. My favorite houses were the ones who knowingly left a basket and a sign “please take one”. I always thought wow, they must be very honest people. We would laugh at the slight possibility of actually following their request, look behind us as someone would dump the basket into their pillow case. Looking back, this may have been harsh (especially considering other children had been to this house prior and had followed directions, hence why we were given the opportunity to also only take one candy) but when you’re twelve your greedy and hyper and twelve year olds love candy.

The jack o’lanterns are flickering in the breeze and their carved out design suddenly has become clear. The creepy scarecrow has come to life, dry ice and music is added for effect. There is an eerie feeling in the air, which adds to the SPOOKTACULARNESS of the entire night.

That was twelve years ago.