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early autumn

8 Oct

1380487_10200772882267805_1306836639_nIt was a rather large lodge, up on a hill overlooking the surrounding mountain side. The air was crisp and the leaves had just begun to change their colors as the chill of early fall set in. The interior had been newly renovated and everything about it was picture perfect. The main lobby smelled of oak. Two large decorative chandeliers made entirely of birch and bark hung delicately from the ceiling, giving off just enough light to cast a shadow onto the freshly polished wooden floors below. To my left was a fireplace made entirely of cobblestone surrounded by a welcoming array of ornate furniture. Although there was not yet a need to have the fire lit, the area was as warm and inviting as ever. I stopped for a moment in awe, before continuing up the stairs into the restaurant, where Sunday Brunch was being served.

1392642_10200816890207976_1784666528_nThe main dining room, like the lobby, was very welcoming. My tummy rumbled as the smell of freshly made French toast, warm maple syrup and bacon filled the room. The sun beat in through the large glass windows, just enough to take the chill out. Articulately designed wooden rafters lined the outer edges. Again, there was an oversized cobblestone fireplace used as the focal point of the wide open room. This one displayed two massive and perfectly restored moose and deer heads on each side of the mantle. I have seen many deer, none have even remotely measured up to the deer being displayed in this room. We were seated at a small table adjacent to the window. Outside I watched as children frolicked, dogs ran loose across the open field and couples walked leisurely, hand in hand. I ordered a Mimosa and filled my plate with French toast, eggs, bacon and fruit. We each helped ourselves to seconds and then made our way outside to join in the festivities.

1383726_10200816889927969_872143079_n For early October, the weather was perfect.  It was warmer than average for this time of year, but still cool enough to enjoy all that early autumn has to offer. We found ourselves alongside a small, slightly overgrown lake. I could hear the laughter of children echo around me from a nearby playground, while others waited enthusiastically for their chance to rent a row boat. A paved walk way began to our left which appeared to loop around the lake. Beat up picnic tables were somewhat thrown, in no particular order, and dead, discolored, crunchy leaves scattered the ground. The park was exceptionally crowded that day, due to an annual Oktoberfest celebration. Everyone walked, or in some cases stumbled their way around, laughing and talking amongst friends with their overly large beer mugs filled to the brim. We made our way around the lake, stopping occasionally to take in the changing leaves and admire the way the clouds reflected off the top of the water. The eastern portion of the walk, and the final stretch, was the most populated. Kegs of beer were overflowing the backs of pickup trucks, tents were packing out as much German sausage and food as you can imagine, while children and parents a-like dressed the part. The girls wore long basic dresses with their hair in matching pigtails, while the boys wore cute little hats and striped shorts with suspenders attached. We made our way back to the start of the trail where people continued to wait in line for a row boat and children remained hyper and energetic on the playground. The picnic tables were sporadically occupied by dogs and their owners stopping to take a break in the shade. Feeling content we made our way back to the car. The main parking lots had since emptied out a bit as we continued our way across the lower grass filled overflow lot and out onto the main road. It was the perfect Sunday. The way every Sunday should be. Everyone was relaxed. Laughter was the only sound. In that moment, everyone was happy.